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Gaining the discipline needed to play the guitar, dance, golf, or whatever else it is that you want to do. Breaking out of your nest of friends. Becoming an efficiency expert. Learning how to squeeze every minute of every day for maximum potential. Developing discipline in your daily routine. Creating an exercise program that requires discipline. Developing discipline with regard to your diet. Setting high standards for yourself when it comes to where you expect your health to be.

Setting high goals for yourself for what kind of achievement you want to attain in your work environment. Realizing that you do best in an austere work environment. Creating practical, achievable goals. Learning to hold yourself accountable for achieving your daily goals. Breaking yourself out of your lonely nest. No longer sitting around with sentimental longings wasting your days away. No longer blaming your mother for your problems. Taking responsibility for your health. Taking responsibility for your state of employment.

Taking responsibility for your animals. Becoming someone who is mature, reliable and authoritative in the everyday world. Taking responsibility for your relationships. Developing a mature attitude to intimate partnerships. Realizing that you have to take on your fair share in relationships. Letting go of crybaby tendencies. Letting go of a generally dependent approach to life. Becoming open to assuming the duties that come with partnerships.

North Node In CAPRICORN Destiny And Purpose - 2019

Becoming willing to put in the effort to make a relationship work. Beginning to understand the practical considerations of being in a relationship that go beyond simply getting your emotional needs met. Letting go of timidity that prevents you from asserting your authority within your relationships. Becoming unafraid to set goals for relationships and expecting your partners to have their own goals too. Realizing that you want a partner who has ambition and is going somewhere.

Realizing that you want your relationships to achieve something — you want to set goals together. Coming to terms with wanting outer recognition for your significant relationships. You want to do traditional things with your partner like get married. Getting serious about the practical implications of joint finances. Understanding the business of shared money. Releasing sentimental attachments to things that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Releasing attachments to priorities that prevent you from letting go and moving on. Beginning to prepare and make plans for your death. No longer resting on notions that your family will make sure that your personal values are taken into consideration. Making the effort to have a mature sex life. Learning to have adult relationships. No longer dragging all your family stuff into your sex life. Becoming practical about what kinds of mysteries you explore.

Letting your mysteries have a purpose. Setting goals for what you want to achieve in your explorations of psychology or the occult. Making it your duty to look after the dead. Becoming an estate planner. Releasing personal insecurities that eat away at your self-worth. Getting disciplined about what you decide to share with others in intimate relationships. Becoming more guarded about your sex life. Developing a mature attitude toward sex. Developing a mature attitude to death. Releasing your own emotional attachment to your priorities as you realistically assess what other people consider to be worthy.

Getting serious about dealing with your emotional baggage. No longer expecting your mom to take care of you. No longer letting your priorities change with your mood. Learning to take responsibility for your opinions. Developing a mature attitude to world cultural practices. Releasing overly emotionally-saturated thinking patterns and ways of speaking. Making it your duty to know what is going on in the world.

Beginning to take journalism seriously. Returning to a practical life philosophy. Making sure that your philosophies and ideas have practical applications. Getting serious about your desire to travel. Setting attainable goals for yourself related to traveling. Setting goals for yourself that involve getting beyond your current viewpoint. Giving serious consideration to what holds meaning in your life. Becoming willing to take responsibility for creating a meaningful life.

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Creating a life style that encourages self-discipline, attainable goal-setting and a willingness to push your limits. Letting go of immature ways of speaking or babyish language. Learning to express your opinion authoritatively. Learning to speak up and get out of your shell to make your opinion heard. Developing the discipline to become a guru. Taking responsibility for your beliefs and sense of morality. Developing a mature attitude to religion.

Getting serious about your desire to live in another country and planning out exactly how you will make it happen. Getting serious about global issues and world events. Time to leave the nest. Time to break out of the comfy, cozy, insular family environment and make a name for yourself out in the world. Time to toughen up and face reality. Time to hold back the tears and overcome insecurities as you set higher goals for yourself. Becoming an ambitious go-getter.

Becoming more concerned with practical worldly affairs rather than familiar, emotional relationships. Learning to discipline yourself when it comes to the achievements you want to make. Learning to set realistic, achievable expectations for yourself. Learning to measure your success against outer, worldly standards.

Becoming less enmeshed in family-rooted insecurities. Beginning to claim your authority out in the professional world. Becoming known as a professional. Never letting them see you sweat when it comes to business negotiations and your reputation. Building a public identity as someone who is reliable, hardworking and tough as nails. Letting go of the inner baby who threatens your success. Letting go of the private insecurities that prevent you from achieving your aspirations.

Getting serious about your group involvements. Learning to set measurable, ambitious long term goals for the groups you become involved with. Taking on more responsibility within organizations. Becoming a leader within the group of people that shares your interests. Learning how to organize like-minded people and set an agenda for progress and success. Beginning to see how your shared interests can fuel a business venture. Using the associations you make to help you climb the ladder of success. Becoming realistic about the earnings you will receive from your career.

Preferring to have fewer friends. Understanding how to cut the excess out of any organization. Moving away from sentimental attachments to creative longings that are leading nowhere. No longer reminiscing about how you used to be in a band 15 years ago. Getting realistic about your long term goals and what you can actually achieve in the time that you have. Learning to set measurable incremental steps on your way to achieving your long term goals. No longer acting like a mother hen. No longer seeing your projects as your babies.

Developing a willingness to share your creative ideas with others if it will lead to group success. No longer being touchy and irritable when it comes to your art. No longer seeing your coworkers and bosses as one big family. No longer getting so emotionally attached to your work environment. Developing a more mature attitude to spiritual life. Facing your fears of being considered dry, stern, controlling or boring. Actively letting go of any self-sabotaging restrictive behavior and instead developing healthy discipline.

Letting go of any secretly paternalistic attitudes. Letting go of dependent daily routines in favor of accepting more personal responsibility for how you make use of your time. No longer being emotionally attached to a particular diet or exercise regime. Releasing any animal hoarding tendencies, or an inability to grieve properly when a pet passes. Facing any guardedness concerning psychic experiences, opening up to dreams and tapping into the unknown. Developing discipline when it comes to remembering your dreams. Developing a practical, spiritual discipline.

Learning to take responsibility for your own psychic life. Learning to take responsibility for your secrets and the skeletons you keep in the closet.

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  5. Making it your duty to face your fears like a mature adult. No longer acting like a baby when it comes to facing the everyday world. Making time in your routine to set some goals for yourself. Making time in your life to learn how to be disciplined. Lessons: Embrace justice and equality, grow to be a model for those who look up to you, and learn to work with others Gifts: Creativity, confidence, charisma, and healthy self-expression Weaknesses: Conceited, superficiality, dramatic, unhealthy use of power over others, and a refusal to grow up.

    Lessons: Learn to embrace the surreal and your imagination, learn to forgive yourself and others, and accept that sometimes things cannot be fixed Gifts: Detail oriented and meticulous, humility, self-aware, and strong-willed Weaknesses: Pessimism, impossible standards and goals, extremely critical and judgmental of yourself and others. Acquire this on your own. Learn to save.

    Arrogance will only result in humility. Be open to new experiences. Look within to find peace. Focus on your roots and family. Learn to embrace your own creativity and independence. Individuality can bring a new kind of freedom. You are not perfect. Actively work on self improvement. Learn to accommodate and compromise. Share with the people close to you and your relatives.

    Form some values for yourself. Look into beliefs and be able to find the best ones. Embrace your adult self. Learn how to be away from your family and people that drag you down. Groups and organizations can help you. Find something that is worth fighting for together. Being too focused on self improvement can create a selfish person. You are not exempt from this. The North Node is an important pointer along the pathway of life.

    Capricorn North Node / Cancer South Node

    Great rewards will be reaped in the form of personal growth and reaching your potential goals. The North Node by sign will suggest an approach to the area of life represented by its house position. Incorporating the following traits into your life will make it easier in the long run to attain goals.

    The best way to describe this principle is to imagine a bird having to leave its nest for the first time. Your North node is in Aries. Develop a healthy self interest. It actually works to your advantage allowing yourself to act in a spontaneous manner. Be a leader and a pioneer. Learn to trust intuitive impulses. Your North Node is in Taurus. Cultivate patience and determination. Enjoy the fruits of the earth and the fruits of your own labor. Take some time to smell the roses. Commune with Mother Earth. Wallow in sensual and tactile pleasures. Learn to appreciate natural beauty and find contentment in the simple joys of living.

    Find and create peace in your little corner of the world. Express yourself! Polish up your communication skills and actively participate in conversations. Let your natural curiosity about life lead you. Take lots of courses in subjects that interest you and read many books. Teach others what you know. Put your thoughts down on paper and then share them with others. Develop tolerance for all of the wonderful variations in people.

    Become someone who is willing to try out new experiences. This is a lifetime to learn how to accept help from others. By allowing your needs to be acknowledged and provided for by others you will be able to more effectively nurture and care for those who require it. This time around, you can incorporate heartfelt warmth into your desire to protect and nourish those you care about. Discover your instinctive ability to sincerely empathize with the feelings of others.

    Give yourself permission to shine. Learn to accept praise and recognition for your achievements. Develop a healthy self-esteem and work on believing that you can accomplish your goals. Pay attention to what your inner child wants to do and then go for it. Take some calculated risks just for the fun of it. This is a lifetime to learn all about separating what is useful from what is not.

    You can be an expert at logical analysis. Tie up loose ends and get yourself organized. Worry and anxiety can be held at bay by making yourself useful. Active participation in life, especially helping other people, will keep your mind at ease and your energy high. Pay attention to health messages from your body. Discover that dealing with mundane responsibilities and disagreeable chores, instead of putting them off, can actually create its own kind of freedom. Develop the ability to understand and appreciate opposing points of view, without necessarily giving up your own opinions.

    Find out that cooperation and diplomacy can help, not hinder your aims. Create the balance between what you give and what you receive. Discover that close, committed relationships between yourself and another person can benefit both of you. Learn to finish what you start.

    This is not a lifetime to pursue whatever it is you want in a half-hearted mode. You can totally transform yourself if you so desire. Broaden your horizons. Go ahead and be blindly optimistic. Your faith in the future can see you through difficult times. Stretch your mental muscles. Take some courses in philosophy. You can develop a talent for understanding abstract concepts. Boring, stagnating jobs or relationships can suffocate your free spirit.

    You must grow in this lifetime and a certain amount of freedom and adventure is as necessary for you as the air you breathe. Commitment, perseverance and the steady rise toward some kind of solid achievement are encouraged. Learn to keep going when the going gets tough. Lay solid foundations for your goals. You can focus your energies without waste and efficiency can become your key to success.

    Keep your eye on the target. Certain life events will show you the value of taking responsibility for other people, especially without being asked.


    Successful outcomes are reinforced by an unwavering sense of duty toward your obligations. Give yourself permission to be different. Personal growth is accelerated by fully accepting your own unique qualities and by demonstrating your ability to take a stand for what you believe in. This is especially true if you find yourself functioning within the confines of a group. Organizations of like-minded individuals can support your goals and the challenge here is to be a part of the group without giving up your personal identity to it.

    Open your mind to the idea that the universe encompasses much more than that which can only be perceived through the five senses. Realizing that you are actually connected to the universal mind and that there are no so-called boundaries between the physical plane and the spiritual plane, will begin to answer some of your questions which cannot be proven through conventional methodology.

    The traits of altruism and compassion cannot help but manifest outwardly as you move toward inner illumination. Although, it is not always the easiest path, incorporating the following experiences into your life will make it easier in the long run to attain important goals. The universe is encouraging you to play up your North node sign traits in these areas of life.

    Consider the following: create something of lasting value that you can leave as a legacy for future generations to admire. Learn how to make your own money. Try to hang onto some of it and keep your financial affairs straight. Make the most of your inherited talents. Develop a firm set of values that you can call your own.

    Consider the following: allow yourself room for lots of new learning experiences. Play up anything that relates to the communication of your ideas. Gather and share information as a continuous process of learning. Become an integral part of your immediate community and the neighborhood you live in. Get yourself out and about. Enjoy some new scenery by car, bus, train, bicycle or whatever appeals to you. Stay in touch with and honor the relationship you have with relatives, such as aunts, uncles, siblings. Consider the following: take on the responsibility of family needs.

    This can be the family that you create for yourself via marriage, or it could be your own parents, whose requirements you see to. Discover the benefits of the place you call home. Your private life and your personal security should ideally become focal points this time around. This is a lifetime for achievement simply because you value your own opinion of yourself over and above the approval of others. Recognize the importance of acknowledging your own will. You can learn a lot by observing the play of children and then finding a way to mirror that in your own life.

    Give full expression to your capacity to love. Make some time for socializing, the dating scene and partying. Work on feeling comfortable being the center of attention. Explore the stock market and learn all about making some wise financial investments for yourself. Consider the following: work for a living and learn how to relate to co-workers or employees. Listen to the messages from your body and actively create your own state of health.

    Explore alternative health therapies. Consider the following: perfect the art of relating to other people, especially on a one-to-one basis. Diplomacy can become your strong point. Consider the following: bond with another person and experience real intimacy. Major lifestyle transitions can happen. Pay attention to your dreams; they often contain psychic insights that can be pertinent to waking life scenarios. Keep a dream journal by your bedside to record impressions upon waking. Consider the following: get yourself on a boat or airplane, or pack a recreational vehicle and hit the high road!

    In other words: travel. Experience other cultures. Taste lots of exotic foods. Buy yourself some ethnic clothing and wear it. Get the picture? Go to college. Higher education will put you in touch with your higher mind. Think philosophical thoughts. Ponder the wonders of the universe. Ask yourself how it all began.

    Give your mind free rein. This is a lifetime that is greatly enhanced by movement and personal growth. Check out your belief systems. Become more attuned to your individual connection with the Creator of all there is. Share your wisdom with those who can appreciate it. Consider the following: pay attention to your career aims.

    Keep your standards high and your reputation intact. You may find yourself getting some kind of public recognition. You can develop the ability to be an expert in your chosen field and certain universal energies are encouraging you along these lines. Issues around authority figures may arise, either in the form of you being in charge, or else of you having to cooperate with established leadership figures. Consider the following: join together with other individuals who share the same common goals.

    Clubs and organizations provide beneficial opportunities for you. This is the area of humanitarian efforts, most commonly centered around the desire to create radical and widespread social changes. Learning to cooperate with the group effort is the key here. Growth comes from mastering the ability to blend your personal will with the will of others in a harmonious manner. Consider the following: give of yourself without an underlying motivation of reward. Practice random acts of kindness… just because you can. This happens when one realizes their connection to the Infinite Mind, also described as the Creator, the Universal Will, or a Higher Power.

    This is a lifetime to learn the value of working behind the scenes in some capacity. This means that outer recognition is not the aim this time around, even though that might happen naturally. Often this can take the form of connecting and working through large public institutions caring for those who must be secluded from society.

    Whatever form the actual experiences take, this placement encourages the development of humility, compassion and spiritual awareness. You probably were a fighter, a warrior, a survivor.

    Zodiac North Node in Capricorn symbolism and astrological meanings and Planets In Signs horoscope

    You just are a person who is aware of their fears and feels them immensly but still does the necessary things, you have a fighting spirit and instincts to support it. Your challenge in this lifetime would be to achieve your goals while doing it peacefully and calmly, you have a mission to achieve your inner peace, while achieving balance and compromising with people way more. You were a collector in your past life.

    You really value your materialisitc things, you can be very stubborn. You have your own way of dealing with situations and you do not back down, which is the birth of your stubbornness. In your past lives you were afriad of change, of the unknown, of taking risks, of losing your routine. Your challenge in this lifetime is to let go of things you cannot control anymore.

    You still cling to things so stubbornly but your mission is to learn how to let go and move on to something better. You were a free agent in your past life, freed from any commitments, loyal only to the pursuit of further knowledge. You were not able to committ to one thing, you changed up your pace, you lived life with spontaniety. In this lifetime your mission is to gather and possess real knowledge and to also apply that knowledge, to teach it.

    In your past life you were able to understand both sides, committ to none, but in this lifetime part of your mission is to committ and stick to one. In your past life you did something home-related. Someone who cared and nurtured their family and closest ones. The mission you have is to mature even more in this lifetime. To become an authority figure, a wise human being, not have adolescent behavior. Which you will be able to do, you have it in you. In your past life you probably have achieved fame or just having a large group of people adore you.

    In this lifetime you may have problems having that much attention on you and you may even refuse it. You may even wonder about how people with lots of power and wealt function. Your mission in this lifetime is to be a humanitarian, a serving hand for the collective, you have to give more than you take and you will feel fulfilled. In your past lives you were very stuck on detail, maybe even felt trapped within your own success. In this lifetime your mission is to let go of so many details which leads to over-thinking and depressive patterns.

    It is your mission to connect with your higher mind, with spirituality and learn the beauty of mistakes. In your past lives you were so thirsty of the idea of partnerships, beauty, art. You were probably a model, any sort of artist. You always were after your true love, your soul mate.

    Someone who would be your other half. This can also translate into your current lifetime, you maybe comfortable with your codependency. Because of this your mission is to investigate on your own, see how magical freedom can be. Realize how independent you can be, love your own company. In past lives you may have experienced a lot of suffering. Very destructive you were and your familiarity with pain drains you in your current lifetime.

    A part of your mission is to learn that pain and suffering is not the only path to growth as a person. You can also grow through expansive and joyful moments from your life. Your mission simple, relax, enjoy every moment especially the small silly ones and enjoy creating your own happiness. In your past life you were seeking knowledge which you wanted to teach, which makes you also a teacher.

    You were also seeking spiritual growth and truth and inner peace. You might as well experienced a lot of isolation because of your different way of living, because of being so conscious. And in this current lifetime you may be a little afraid to open up, which makes you pleased with small-talk and lesser joys in this life. You must awaken the fire for knowledge and not stop here. That attitude keeps you away from the connections you actually want to realize in this lifetime.

    Your mission is all about restoring your power, thirst for knowledge, gaining wisdom, shutting up and listening more. In your past life you were workaholics, you always wanted and proved yourself and your status in the society. Often you wanted some approval from someone important. You achieved so much, proved yourself alright, now in this lifetime your soul wants to return to something you call home. Your security then was achieved with your success, but now your mission is to achieve that within your family and when creating a family on your own.

    In your past life you were someone who was odd, someone who was an outcast. Because of how much you observed you had an opinions, you knew exactly what was necessary to change and better the system. Well in this lifetime, the people which is society and you have observed for so long now need to accept you, adore you, love you. You have this need to be different when all you really want is to be included, to feel like you belong. Your mission in this lifetime is to achieve that inclusion and put your observations and knowledge to good use.

    In your past life you were very psychic, maybe a seer, maybe even someone from another planet. In this lifetime everything is so new to you like you come from a completely different planet. Maybe in your past life you were even addicted to drugs which kept you from functioning during everyday activities. In this lifetime you have a mission to take your spiritual understanding and workings of the Universe, your creativity and make something out of it. It is harder for you in this lifetime to step out of your psychic, intuitive, spiritual self which already exists and conform to practical everyday things.

    Because you were a healer in your past lives it will be at least easier and part of your mission to be of service and help to others. Aries-Libra: About finding respect for self and others. Balancing boisterous self-expression with active reciprocation of others. Listening without bias. Actively expressing love. Flaming goddess energy. Feeling secure initiating as well as in just being present.

    When to sing and when to scream. Listening to your head and your gut. Taurus-Scorpio: Understanding what security really means. Being comfortable in dark situations. Deepening and stabilizing the world. Finding a powerful sense of self, rooting in oneself. The ability to weather any storm. Uncrushable resilience. Excess versus abstinence. When to stand on solid ground and when to drown. Deep knowing. Gemini-Sagittarius: Absorbing and applying knowledge. When to listen and when to talk. Being both the student and the teacher. Immersing oneself in something new.

    Expanding the mind and the soul. Taking steps towards knowledge. Finding meaning in being childlike. Adapting your inner and external worlds, always questioning. Laughing away fear. Always morphing into something new. Comfort versus pressure. Flowing effortlessly within structure. Building a home for yourself. Being your own parent, a comforting authority figure.

    Letting go of rigid views of life. Tranquility in action. Space to unwind. Releasing archaic ideas of family. Family serves as a restriction. Maintaining an active balance between life within and outside of the home. Becoming an authority on the past- museum curation, historians, connecting the dots of the past. Growth versus acceptance. Leo-Aquarius: Performance versus detached observation. Becoming a dynamic individual. Being a hub of knowledge. Showing others what makes you unique. Giving others an outlet for their own self-expression. Learning through play.

    Toying with abstract thoughts. Listening to the collective, becoming a vessel for the collective. Learning your personal role in the grand design. Crafting an infinitely-adapting identity. A surprising identity. Turning thought into action. Creative friendships. Crafting new realities. Balancing the abilities to detach and to unify. Virgo-Pisces: Giving yourself what you need to heal- physically and spiritually.

    Listening to your body, creating space in the body by releasing tension. Having a structured method to ease the spiritual;astral body. Healthy rituals for losing oneself. Releasing guilt about not always being capable of caring for others. Secluding oneself shamelessly, Building adaptable boundaries to protect the sensitive inner self. Constructively using the immense, fluid inner world.

    Reflection on the body and its needs. Becoming intimate with details. Being a vessel for feelings of infinity. I also just want to point out that we are forever changing beings. The idea of ourselves, the idea of the world, etc. The North and South Nodes of the Moon are placements that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of our birth.

    The idea behind these two opposing Nodes of the Moon is that when we are born there are facets of our persona that are more developed the South Node and aspects that are less developed the North Node. These two Nodes are represented by two opposing signs as these poles directly oppose each other. The North and South Node signs change every 18 months and a full cycle of the 12 signs occurs every 18 years.

    The South Node represents the more developed areas of your character that come naturally to you; your comfort zone. These characteristics and behaviours bring you a sense of comfort, familiarity and belonging. The North Node also called the Ascending Node represents the areas of your persona that are less developed, these are the qualities that we may need to work on in order to find our inner balance. The North Node provides us with new experiences and challenges. Consciously striving to reduce the imbalance of our North Node can provide us with an increased happiness and fulfilment that we can lack if we count too much on the qualities of our South Node.

    You want to win and often try to do this through playing dirty, however, you should play to your Libra North Node and embrace the power of compromising and cooperating. You benefit the most from negotiations and working with others than you do from aggressive battles to get what you want. Release your attachment to luxury and accept your Scorpio North Node and with it the appreciation to the immaterial qualities that Scorpios so value, such as knowledge, intimacy and trust.

    Through releasing control you will find the happiness and stability you crave. Release your tendency to overthink, focus on details and second-guess yourself in favour of the bigger picture. Rather than exhausting yourself gossiping devote your energy to wider beliefs, adventure and honesty. You can often spend more time focusing on the emotions and problems of others rather than you own. You need to allow yourself to step back and allow others to overcome their own problem and focus on yourself for a while.

    Embrace a less direct method of supporting others and allow them to come to you for help. Help others but do not forget to also help yourself. Play to your North Node in Aquarius and focus more on connecting with others and sharing your passion to inspire rather than dominate.

    Capricorn north node | Gemini Sun/Scorpio Ascendant | Scorpio ascendant, Sun in gemini, Capricorn

    Your appreciation for praise means you are good at offering praise to others. Get more involved in groups in order to find your team spirit and involve yourself in humanitarian causes. This can lead to you being rigid and disliking not having a sense of order. Embracing your North Node in Pisces, which represents spirituality and intuition, can allow you more creative freedom and allows you to see that things do not always need to follow your strict plan in order to be perfect. The Libra craves relationships but these cannot be functional until they embrace their Aries North Node and learn to think about themselves; embrace your identity, prioritize your own goals and be comfortable being alone.

    Reject your longing of fulfilment and empowerment from your relationships with those around you and instead focus on finding your own self worth, values and priorities. Once you have this sense of self actualization you will find your relationships with others will only benefit from it.

    However, you should focus more on your emotional achievements as, if you forget to, you can end up feeling unsatisfied and discontent despite all you seem to have to those around you. You should stop trying to find a sense of belonging through people-pleasing and instead allow you North Node in Leo to shine through, stop trying to blend in and express yourself and you will find that the right group of friends will find you soon enough.

    Only then will you reach your true spiritual and psychic potential. The north node has been in Leo giving a overall karmic lens of finding your passions, your self expression, your heart. Now on November 6th, the north node will move into cancer, which means the south node will move into Capricorn, until May This large karmic overtone of a shift will increase the nurturing that is needed on a personal level.

    Capricorn south node means using foundation efforts to support your own nourishment. We cannot measure our efforts solely by the mountains the climb, we need to be able to nourish our emotional sanctity. The water at the base of the mountain. Honoring our emotional foundation with love, nurturing, protecting and healing.

    Our public world cannot be sustained without nurturing the core, loving the earth so that we have a future that is rooted in the right way. Internal support for external success. We need to use the idea of the future and what we really want-to really build the the most supportive and loving base.

    But, what exactly is a Draconic astrology chart? Well, a Draconic astrology chart takes your chart and adjusts it until your North Node is at 0 degrees Aries. Why does setting the North Node to 0 degrees Aries reveal your true path, you might ask? Well, it all has to do with the symbology of the Moon. When we arrive in this world, there are two components that affect us: our nature and our nurture.

    The Moon points to how we experience our entry to this world mother and the north node of that moon the path she sets us on determines how the rest of our chart manifests. Now that we have a base understanding of what a Draconic astrology chart is, we can move on to how you read one.