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For millennia, humans have engaged with the cosmic sphere to seek meaning, guidance and inspiration.

The Natal Grand Cross/Grand Square in Astrology | Exemplore

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Both transits are hard at work on the completion of lengthy chapter while also actively in script development for the next storyline. This not only marks the beginning of three new cycles but also their endings.

On January 12, Saturn and Pluto will make their exact conjunction in Capricorn, while Jupiter and Pluto will meet three times during April and November in the ambitious and conservative sign of the Mountain Goat. However, Jupiter and Saturn will move into innovative Aquarius before they make their conjunction on December 21st , the time of our summer solstice.

Accenting a period in which we can consciously and actively create marvels and miracles, at the same time discover what we need to keep our feet on the ground. As usual, it is the present which matters, as what we do in the present sets the tone of future karma. Only in the present do we see how karma has worked in the past, leading us to where we are now. As cute as that may sound, keep your wits about you. Because during a Full Moon that revolves around the Milky Way in the sign of the Archer conjunct the compact gamma-ray radio source, Sagittarius A, we require information, truth, and faith, in order to navigate the unknown.

Having eyes in the back of your head will also help. Monthly Ahead June Horoscopes - Sun Sign updates - insights into the astro moth ahead, planetary highlights, main aspects, full moon and new moon, dates, times, ingresses and more. Get ready for a next wave. It incites radical change and rails against anything the feels like suppression.

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In autonomous Aries until , Uranus is sparking a quest for individual rights and freedom, but it can be rash and destructive in its quest. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck and abundance. Warrior Mars is in peacemaker Libra until July 25, Sound like a contradiction?

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It certainly is. Libra is the sign of relationships, so much of the conflict during this period will be around negotiations, interpersonal dynamics, and perhaps having to stand up to a bully or two. Penetrating Pluto, which rules our shadowy unconscious impulses, hidden power dynamics and all things of such intrigue. When expansive Jupiter and controlling Pluto oppose each other, growth comes at a price.

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The cost of your evolution? Since they are in Cancer the home and Capricorn career , there could be some intense work-life rebalancing to do. Issues related to your mother Cancer and father Capricorn may come up, perhaps through the way you deal with authority figures, or events related to security and your living situation.

A Local Chapter of NCGR

It may be your unconscious offloading some buildup. Like we said, this is sort of like an astrological detox. How to cope? Let those icky or uncomfortable feelings flow out. Try to observe them, Power of Now style, without judging. Much like you might observe your emotions or physical responses to a cleanse, you might journal what comes up for you this spring.

Anger management alert?

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Mars and Uranus are two of the most rash and brash planets in our solar system. Mars is the warrior and Uranus is the revolutionary. Those acting selfishly at the expense of a relationship will need to get better at compromise. And people who are being doormats in relationships could grow a pair, standing up for their rights. Since we are followers of numerology, too, we were intrigued to see that the four planets become exactly aligned in a Grand Cross at 13 degrees.

In the Tarot deck, the major arcana card number 13 is the Death card. While of course this sounds scary taken literally, Death is also the card of major transformation. There are always parts of our life that are ready to metaphorically die. Cue the Oscar-winning song from Frozen. And if all else fails, the cosmic skies look so much kinder after May. See you on the other side! Get the Horoscope Guide!